So durable, we call it our “little brick,” this low noise, DC-coupled amplifier is packaged in a rugged, die-cast aluminum case with BNC connectors enabling input and output. This amplifier is the perfect addition to your laboratory toolbox. Two 9V batteries included provide an operational life of more than one year. 100% electrostatic shielded with a gain of 1,000 and includes a DC offset adjustment. To prevent accidental damage to the noise transistors, the input is diode-protected.

Very low voltage noise and current noise in the critical region of 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz makes this the ideal amplifier for thermopile detectors in sensitive systems design and laboratory experiments

For more detailed information see the datasheet 1010 Amplifier (PDF)

For more performance in a smaller but not self-contained package, see our Miniature Amplifier PCB

Not Currently RoHS Compliant

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