The World Leader in Infrared Thermopile Detectors

Dexter Research Center, Inc. was founded by Robert Toth, Ph.D in 1977. As the leading thin film and materials expert who introduced low-cost high-performance infrared sensing to the world, Bob believes:

  • No other infrared strategy outperforms a thermopile as an affordable sensor, and
  • There is no substitute for collaboration as a means to optimize infrared sensor and detector performance, packaging, reliability and durability, and at the heart of your temperature sensor, motion sensor, smoke detector or motion detector, the detector itself should be optimzed to the task and not demand a work-around to make it perform.

Whether you choose to research "infrared" or "infrar red", you'll find that Dexter Research continues to leverage its superior knowledge and experience to reign as the leading company for infrared sensing and detect and manage solutions.  We offer a combination of superior sensitivity, better signal-to-noise ratios and superior form factors built and packaged to MIL-Spec reliability and durability testing standards.

If a superior non-contact temperature sensor is what you seek, Dexter Research offers a superior performing Temperature Sensing Module that may be ordered up to medical grade accuracy.

In all, we offer 31 core thermopile thin-film and silicon products, more than all our global competitors combined, each 100% tested for industry-leading quality. We now provide our customers with a choice from over 1,000 thermopile configurations, and we have new thermopile detectors coming on-line and new customers using our products around the world.

Strategically and tactically, we’re in a great business position, and we’re not done improving our products and performance. In particular, Dexter Research has responded to our competitors with new aggressive marketing and pricing strategies.

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Rob Toth

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