DexTempTM 1000

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Monitor

IT Server Temperature Monitoring 

Dextemp 1000 USB Temperature Sensor for IT Server RoomsBeing an IT manager is challenging today. Computer systems scale faster than ever before, which can cause high temperatures in server rooms when adequate cooling is unavailable.

Be the first to know when server temperature or server room temperature exceeds the norm. 

With DexTemp™, you can measure temperature of each piece of equipment and the ambient room temperature. 

Avoid a server meltdown... survive a server meltdown

Disaster prevention is high on the list of priorities that data center managers and network administrators worry about, but often feel they cannot afford to address....

DexTempTM 1000 - USB Temperature Sensor

Dextemp 1000 USB Temperature Sensor for IT Server Rooms

DexTemp™ is a low-cost, easy to install and use USB temperature monitoring device that brings the first level of defense to IT professionals.

DexTemp™ provides temperature Email, SMS and Phone Message alarms before a server fan damages the equipment, or temperature change or AC failure can cause damage to your equipment.

Protect Your IT Investment - Don't Wait Until it's Too Late!

“I was looking for a specific device to monitor temperatures in our company's server room. The product we were using only measured ambient temperature. We looked at other products and competitors and felt that the unit from Dexter Research fit our budget and exact needs.”