DexTempTM 1000

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Monitor

DexTempTM 1000 Real Time Temperature Monitoring & Alert

Protect your business investment.  A temperature change can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars in damage and lost productivity.  Rest easy with DexTempTM 1000.

DexTempTM alerts you when there may be something wrong - anytime, anyplace, and anywhere - by using globally enabled networking, Email, and SMS mobile messaging to ensure notification.

Monitor temperature of mission critical equipment - server rooms, A/C, HVAC, process controls, refrigerated goods, livestock, freezers, wine cellars, perishable products, or anything that may be affected by temperature.  

  • Get alerts of over/under temperature, and relay those alarm conditions anywhere in the world
  • Get alerts visually or by email, pager, cellphone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more
  • No ongoing fees, no subscriptions, no required service plans
  • Full logging of all data, plus onscreen graphing

DexTemp®  is small, quick to install & easy to use Only DexTemp® can be aimed to monitor
specific high-value products and equipment



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