Digital Solutions

Dexter's Digital Detectors and Temperature Sensor Modules (TSM's) are based on Dexter's superior silicon thermopile technology and incorporate an ASIC that provides a cost effective front end for reading out the detector output.

The digital solutions include pre-amplification, A/D, multi-plexing and SMBus communications. Additionaly, the SMBus can accommodate communications with up to 100 digital products. Our digital solutions are housed in industry standard TO-5/TO-39 packages.

Available in a 5V device as well as in a 3V configuration that is ideal for the low power demands of battery powered applications.

Digital Detectors

The onboard ASIC in Dexter's Digital Detectors provides for easy system integration and design. Ideal for gas detection applications such as environmental and indoor air quality monitoring.

Thermopile Model# of ChannelsThermopile TechnologyPackage SizeActive Area Size (mm)Supply Voltage (v)Digital Output (counts)Temperature Sensor (counts)
ST60 Digital 1 Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 3 or 5 690 6670
ST60 Digital Dual 2 Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 3 or 5 608 6670
ST120 Digital Dual 2 Silicon TO-5 1.2 x 1.2 3 or 5 970 6670

Integrated Temperature Measurement Solutions

Temperature Sensor Modules

Dexter’s Temperature Sensor Modules (TSM's) are ready-to use, cost-effective, non-contact IR thermometers. Factory calibrated output provides accurate object temperature sensing. You can customize this unit to accommodate a wide range of temperatures, power supplies, refresh rates and object emissivity. High memory reliability is assured by our TSM’s embedded error checking and correction mechanism.

Dexter’s TSM is ideally suited for handheld portable applications thanks to its low power consumption and sleep mode. Our digital sensor interface offers you a choice of a power-up-and-measure PWM or an enhanced access SMBus compatible protocol. Just two signal lines can accommodate systems with up to 100 modules. A wide variety of freezing/boiling prevention and alert systems are made possible thanks to a built-in thermal relay function.

Temperature Sensor ModelCompensating ElementThermopile TechnologyPackage SizeActive Area Size (mm)Supply Voltage (v)Field of ViewObject Temp Range
MD-0003 N Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 5 70° -70C to 380C
MD-0005 Y Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 5 35° -70C to 380C
MD-0006 N Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 3 70° -70C to 380C
MD-0007 Y Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 3 35° -70C to 380C
MD-0008 N Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 3 70° 0C to 100C

Click here to see Application Note: SMBus Communcation with TSM

Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board

The evaluation board is designed to support the Temperatue Sensor Module, quickly allowing customers to configure the Module for different temperature ranges, optics, etc. to find the best configuration to meet their application needs without the need to design any additional hardware. See also the Temperature Sensor Module Evaluation Board User Manual (PDF)

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