DR 34 Detector circuit overlay

DR 34 Detector circuit overlay

DR34 Thermopile Detector

DR34 Thermopile Detector

A two-channel or a one-channel compensated thin-film thermopile in a TO-5 package. Each active area is 3.16mm x 0.4mm and offers low noise output. Internal aperture minimizes channel-to-channel crosstalk and thus increasing sensitivity.

Gas analysis for automotive, environmental air quality including greenhouses, industrial and medical monitoring including infant incubators.

Low noise and dual channel in a TO-5 package with moderate output.


  1. See Standard Windows and Filters (PDF) for list of optical filter options
  2. See Thermopile Configuration Table for more options.

For more detailed information see the datasheet DR34 (PDF).

DR 34 Thermopile Detector Technical Specifications

Specifications apply at 23°C with KBr Window and Argon encapsulating gas

Parameter Min Typical Max Symbol Units Comments
Active Area size   3.16 x .4   AA mm Hot junction size, per element.
Element Area   1.264   A mm2  
Number of Junctions   40       Per element.
Number of Channels   1 Compensated       Per detector package.
Output Voltage 90 115 130 Vs μV DC,  H=330μW/cm2 (3)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 6,429 8,582 16,049 SNR √Hz DC, SNR=Vs/Vn
Responsivity 21.6 27.6 31.2 V/W DC, =Vs/HA  (2)
Resistance 4.0 8.0 12 R Detector element
Temperature Coefficient of   -.36     %/°C Best linear fit, 0° to 85°C (1)
Temperature Coefficient of  R   -.2     %/°C Best fit, 0° to 85°C (1)
Noise Voltage 8.1 11.4 14.0 Vn nV/√Hz Vn2=4kTR
Noise Equivalent Power .26 .42 .65 NEP nW/√Hz DC,  NEP= VnHA/Vs (2)
Detectivity 1.7 2.7 4.3 D* 108√Hz/W DC,  D*=Vs/ VnH√A  (2)
Time Constant   38   Τ ms Chopped, -3dB point (1)
Field of View   NA   FOV Degrees See Assembly Drawings for FOV Description.
Package Type   TO-5 with 5 Pins       Standard package hole size:Ø.437
Element Matching   5 10


% M=|VA-VB|/VB (2)
Element Separation   1.8     mm Center to Center
Operating Temperature -50   100 Ta °C  

General Specifications: 
Flat spectral response from 100nm to > 100µm.  Linear signal output from 10-6 to 0.1W/cm2
Maximum incident radiance 0.1W/cm2 , damage threshold ≥ .5W/cm2
Parameter is not 100% tested. 90% of all units meet these specifications.
A is detector area in cm2.
Test Conditions: 500K Blackbody source; Detector active surface 10cm from 0.6513cm Diameter Blackbody Aperture.

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