Fire Suppression/Detection

Putting out the fire almost before it starts.

Dexter's sensitive yet rugged fire detectors, or fire sensors, serve as the foundation of US combat fire suppression systems on combat aircraft and ground vehicles ranging from the HUMVEE to the Abraham's Tank.  Our fire sensors consume low energy, making them the premier safety component on battery-powered as well as hot-wired systems.  We like to call them "the eye that never sleeps."  How fast are they?  Fast enough to race the fire caused by a rocket hitting a fuel tank and win, triggering fire suppression on the spot to help protect soldier and pilot alike.

Rugged missions require rugged equipment.  Intensive MIL-STD-883H testing performed by Trialon Corporation, an independent testing facility, confirm that Dexter Research's silicon-based temperature sensor detectors meet the same rugged requirements of 1,000G's for mechanical shock and 30G's in random vibration for which our thin-film detectors are famous.  Download Dexter's report here (PDF).

Click on any column heading in the table below to re-sort the listing of products in this application category by the specific characteristic of the Dexter detectors.

Thermopile Model# of ChannelsThermopile TechnologyPackage SizeActive Area Size (mm)Output Voltage (μV)Signal to Noise RatioResistance (kΩ)Time Constant (ms)
ST60 TO-5 1 Silicon TO-5 .61 x .61 110 3,513 60 18
ST60 LCC 1 Silicon LCC .61 x .61 62 1,981 60 18
1M 1 Thin Film TO-5 1.0 Dia 60 8,571 3 32
ST120 1 Silicon TO-5 1.2 x 1.2 190 4,953 90 25
ST150 1 Silicon TO-5 1.5 x 1.5 295 8,159 80 37
DR46 Compensated 1 Thin Film TO-8 4 x .6 210 11,602 20 40
2M 1 Thin Film TO-5 2 x 2 250 19,531 10 85
DR46 2 Thin Film TO-8 4 x .6 210 16,406 10 40


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