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Shipping & Fulfillment

Method of Shipping. All items shipped by DRC shall be prepared and packaged for shipment in a manner that will prevent damage in transit. The prices of the Products include net additional charges relating to transportation (e.g., packing, cartage, shipping, taxes, insurance, or duties). All containers shall contain packing sheets listing each item in the order and the related identification number.

Risk of Loss. Products are FOB DRC’s manufacturing facility in Dexter, Michigan.

Coordination. DRC shall give Customer prompt notice of any event that could reasonably affect DRC’s ability to deliver Products pursuant to the terms of any accepted Purchase Order, by way of example, labor dispute, shortage of proper raw materials and components, natural disaster, man-made disaster, inability to secure licenses, or government action.

Fulfillment. Typical order fulfillment is 3 days, Monday – Friday.

Return Policy

After receipt of Products, Customer shall have thirty (30) days to inspect Products for damage or nonconformance. If Customer provides notice and documentation that any of the Products fail to conform in any material respect, DRC shall immediately use its best efforts to remedy that nonconformity within ten (10) business days. In the event that DRC is unable to remedy such nonconformity, Customer may (i) reject the nonconforming Products and obtain a refund of any fees and expenses paid for such Products, (ii) give DRC another attempt to remedy the nonconformance, or (iii) accept the Products AS IS, with no warranty of any kind, at a reduced price agreed upon by the parties.

Product Warranties and Exclusive Remedies; Disclaimer

Limited Warranty. DRC warrants that Products shall materially conform to their applicable specifications and documentation, and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment when used as set forth in DRC’s documentation. All Products provided will be new and will not be repaired, refurbished, or remanufactured. During the warranty period, DRC will use its best efforts to repair or replace any nonconforming Product within ten (10) days after receipt of written notice of such nonconformance and Customer’s provision of any data, output, or other documentation of the nonconformance. DRC shall provide new, conforming Products by overnight shipment if so requested by Customer and if such Products are in DRC inventory. DRC shall be responsible for all transportation and shipping costs associated with its remedy of defective Products. The duration of the warranty shall be extended by any time period of non-use due to breach of warranty. These remedies are the sole and exclusive remedy available to Customer in the event of a breach of warranty.


Not Consumer Goods. The Products are not “consumer goods.” Customer has independently determined that the Products are appropriate for Customer’s needs. Regardless of any discussions or information exchange Customer may have had with DRC representatives, Customer acknowledges that it is solely and exclusively responsible for its use of the Products, including their storage, integration with other components, modification or adaptation, packaging, advertising, promotion, labeling, and product claims. DRC does not warrant that the Products will be safe for any particular use intended by Customer. Customer agrees not to sue DRC for any claims relating to the use of the Products by Customer or its downstream users, customers, purchasers, resellers, or other third parties in privity with Customer.