SLA64 (Preliminary)

SLA64 circuit overlay

SLA64 circuit overlay

SLA64 Thermopile Detector

SLA64 Thermopile Detector

A 1 x 64 element silicon-based thermopile array. Each active area is 0.45mm x 2.0mm with a time constant of 42ms and a low Temperature Coefficient of Responsivity of -0.06%/°C. It is packaged in a 68-pin QIP. Includes internal 30kΩ 5% NTC chip thermistor provides ambient package temperature measurement. See Thermistor Options p/n: MT04.

Spectral analysis and line temperature measurements.

A linear array with large element size and no readout electronics.

Please contact Dexter's sales team for information on optical window options.

For more detailed information see the datasheet SLA64 Preliminary (PDF).
Specifications apply at 23°C with 5μm LWP Si (L1) Window and Nitrogen encapsulating gas

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Parameter Min Typical Max Symbol Units Comments
Active Area size   0.45 x 2.0   AA mm Hot junction size, per element.
Element Area   0.90   A mm2  
Number of Junctions   18       Per element.
Number of Channels   1x64       Per detector package.
Output Voltage 29.3 31.8 34.2 Vs μV DC,  H=330μW/cm2 (3)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 786 908 1,049 SNR √Hz DC, SNR=Vs/Vn
Responsivity 98.7 107.1 115.2 V/W DC, =Vs/HA  (2)
Resistance 65 75 85 R Detector element
Temperature Coefficient of   -.06     %/°C Best linear fit, 0° to 85°C (1)
Temperature Coefficient of  R   .11     %/°C Best fit, 0° to 85°C (1)
Noise Voltage 32.6 35.0 37.3 Vn nV/√Hz Vn2=4kTR
Noise Equivalent Power .28 .33 .38 NEP nW/√Hz DC,  NEP= VnHA/Vs (2)
Detectivity .79 .92 1.06 D* 108√Hz/W DC,  D*=Vs/ VnH√A  (2)
Time Constant   42   Τ ms Chopped, -3dB point (1)
Field of View   N/A       Not Applicable
Package Type   1.59 x 1.85"      68 pin QIP
Standard package hole size: 0.236" x 0.100"
Element Matching   15 30 M % M=|VA-VB|/VB (2)
Element Separation  


    mm Center to Center
Thermistor   30     30kΩ 5% NTC at 25°C
Operating Temperature -50   100 Ta °C  

General Specifications: 
Flat spectral response from 100nm to > 100µm.  Linear signal output from 10-6 to 0.1W/cm2
Maximum incident radiance 0.1W/cm2 , damage threshold ≥ .5W/cm2
Parameter is not 100% tested. 90% of all units meet these specifications.
A is detector area in cm2.
Test Conditions: 500K Blackbody source; Detector active surface 10cm from flat plate Blackbody, scaled to 330μW/cm2

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