Industry-Leading Quality in Infrared Thermopile Detectors

Dexter Research Center, Inc. was founded by Robert Toth, Ph.D in 1977. A leading thin film and materials expert, Bob believed then and now that:

  • No other infrared device outperforms a thermopile as an affordable detector, and there is no substitute for collaboration as a means to optimize infrared detector performance, packaging, reliability and durability to surpass the current benchmarks and beyond our customer expectations.
  • From either the perspective of systems performance or systems cost, customized applications of Dexter Research’s thermopile technology continue to be the preferred solutions to today’s burgeoning infrared detector market.

However, we know that we cannot rest on our laurels and reputation. As a result, Dexter Research has undertaken an aggressive organization development program to support our customers.

Today, Dexter Research offers 31 core thermopile products, more than all global competitors combined, each 100% tested for industry-leading quality. We now provide our customers with a choice from over 1,000 thermopile configurations, and we have new thermopile detectors coming on-line and new customers using our products around the world.

Strategically and tactically, we’re in a great business position, and we’re not done improving our products and performance. In particular, Dexter Research has responded to our competitors with new aggressive marketing and pricing strategies.

To continue our reputation for product leadership and exceeding our customer’s expectations, we at Dexter Research have embarked on:

1) A powerful corporate strategic initiative to:

  • Capitalize on our strengths and address our weaknesses
  • Lower our costs
  • Identify and engage in promising new markets
  • Implement executive development programs
  • Introduce quarterly profit-sharing with our employees

2) A comprehensive data-driven performance management initiative to:

  • Improve inventory management
  • Lower manufacturing losses
  • Advance manufacturing practices
  • Implement manufacturing equipment improvement
  • Initiate continuous improvement of manufacturing cycle time
  • Initiate market research on a global scale
  • Improve our sales team’s conversion rates of prospects to customers
  • Our company-wide re-engineering is already proving out. Dexter Research’s sales are up by about 20% per year since 2005, outperforming our leading competitors. Our operating profits are up 12%. We are successfully moving to lean manufacturing without a headcount reduction. We have an energized workforce across all centers of operation. We’re on track to meet our new aggressive targets.

The bottom line benefits our customers, our neighbors and us.

Dexter Research will remain the global center of expertise for infrared thermopile detector-enabled products. We will continue to be the world’s leading source of infrared thin-film thermopiles and silicon-based thermopiles detectors.

Dexter Research Center is going to be a larger and more profitable company, and we’re going to stay in Michigan.

Best wishes,

Rob Toth

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