Specialty Items


1010 Low Noise Amplifier

  • A low noise, DC-coupled amplifier is packaged in a rugged, die-cast aluminum case with BNC connectors enabling input and output. Provides very low voltage noise and current noise in the critical region of 0.1 Hz to 10Hz. This item is not RoHS compliant.

    • DC Coupled
    • Low Nosie
    • DC offset adjustment
    • Micro power
    • 100% Electrostatic shielding
    • Battery powered (two 9V battieries included)
    • Gain of 1000
    • Ideal amplifier for thermopile detectors in laboratory experiments
    • Continuous operating life of more than one year from the two internal batteries
  • Cost: $250

    1 Model Available

Miniature Amplifier PCB

  • Sized for single channel TO-5 packages and electrically compatible with all Dexter Research Center detectors. Amplifer gain of 1,000 providing convenient buffering and pre-amplification of thermopile signal.

    • Ideal for prototype development
    • Auto-zeroing operational amplifier on-board
    • Low noise
    • Temperature sensor on board
    • Single power supply (2.7V - 5.5V)
    • Low power (1mA @ 5V)
    • Voltage reference on board
    • Non-contact temperature measurement
    • Gas analysis
    • Multiplexing of a number of thermopiles
    • Reduction of noise on long cables
    • Facilitates fast R & D start-up time that can be integrated into your prototypes or final system design
  • Cost: $80

    1 Model Available

Motion Detector - Presence Sensor

  • A passive infrared presence sensing module designed for the system designer interested in a functional subsystem for low power and battery powered applications. Presence sensing up to 2 feet.

    • Fully integrated design
    • Small footprint (0,55"x 0.91")
    • Easily reconfigured (trigger, alarm and duration levels)
    • Sensing range up to 2 feet
    • "Smart Washrooms" automatic water actuation
    • "Smart home" for lighting, ambiance
    • Energy conservation, HVAC & lighting control for hotel rooms
    • Presence sensing for security, convenience
    • Industrial monitoring
    • Human detection for security
    • Remote monitor of elderly patients
    • Temperature control module & trigger
    • A fully functional subsystem with minimum cost and integration implications
  • Cost: $95

    1 Model Available

Thermacon - Request to Exit Sensor

  • Thermacon is a concealed passive infrared (PIR) sensor that detects the presence of natural body heat and activates a relay. Relay activation begins when the detection area is entered and remains on for the duration of the preset relay timing. This item is not RoHS compliant.

    • Concealed, silent, passive infrared motion sensor unit
    • Exit / entry control
    • Guard tour detection
    • Personnel motion detection
    • Automatic Time delays
    • Spot detection
    • Totally passive detection
    • No ultrasonic or microwave emission
    • Detects natural body heat
    • Automatic circuit shunt
    • RFI resistant
    • No cross interference between units
    • Will not detect through walls, doors or windows
    • Operates from 12 to 24 volts AC or DC
    • Ceiling mounting
    • Concealed installation
    • Single or multiple unit applications
  • Cost: $85

    1 Model Available

Temperature Sensor Module

  • The Temperatue Sensor Module infrared thermometer is a low cost solution for non-contact temperature measurements. The sensor is integrated with signal conditioning that reliably produces a calibrated linear digital output in a plug-and-play package having many programmable options.

    • Factory calibrated IR thermometer with linear digital output
    • Programmable outputs and flexible power requirements
    • Better than 0.5° repeatability in the 0-50° C range
    • Available for 3 and 5 V applications
    • Small size TO-5 can
    • High reliability and long-term stability
    • Tympanic ear thermometers
    • Numerous temperature monitoring applications, including;
      • Industrial processes
      • Household appliances
      • Battery charging
      • Printer/Copier
      • Room temperature monitoring
    • Electronics placed at the detector, greatly reducing electrical noise
    • System integration time and expertise is reduced
    • Less OEM time to market
    • Lower System costs
    • Calibrated output from factory
  • Cost Range:
    $30 – $35

    4 Models Available