2M Quad

  • P/N
  • Package Size
  • Thermistor
  • Filter(s)
  • Encapsulating Gas
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  • DX-0231
    2MQ/T4/R1, D1,C1,H1/AP/SP/AR
  • Package Size TO-8
  • Thermistor 30kΩ 5%
  • Filter(s) REF (Reference); 3.875μm (R1)
    CO2 (Carbon Dioxide); 4.415μm (D1)
    CO (Carbon Monoxide); 4.650μm (C1)
    HC (Hydro Carbon); 3.430μm (H1)
  • Encapsulating Gas Argon
  • Buy $260 Buy
  • A four channel thin-film thermopile
  • The world's most sensitive four-channel thermopile with exceptional signal-to-noise performance
  • Internal aperture minimizes channel-to-channel cross talk while increasing sensitivity
  • Gas analysis for automotive, environmental air quality, industrial sensor and medical monitoring
  • Extremely high output and signal-to-noise ratio